The Vaping Wizard can supply a range of high-quality accessories for vaping devices. Our selection of accessories, parts and consumables can help the discerning vaper to get exactly the experience they desire, and to keep their favourite e-cigarette and e-shisha devices in prime working order.
Whether you’re replacing parts on your favourite device, upgrading something for a higher spec alternative, or building your perfect piece of vaping kit from the ground up, we stock all the parts and accessories you might need.
Our range of e-cigarette and vape pen acccessories includes:
• Replacement Coils: to keep your vaporiser operating at peak performance, producing strong, flavourful, and consistent clouds of vapour every time you inhale. A new coil can restore a device which has faded in performance over time or upgrade one which has had a lower-quality coil fitted.
• Clearomisers: Our variety of clearomisers are compatible with major devices and thread types, and come in a range of styles and colours. More importantly, the offer consistently high quality to ensure you get an excellent, reliable, and consistent vaping experience.
• Batteries and Chargers: Good-quality batteries make a world of difference to an e-shisha device. They not only hold their charge for longer, but continue to hold that much power over multiple charge cycles and, in the time between charges, will delivery consistently strong vapour clouds and throat hits.