Advanced Vaping Kits

There are lots of reasons why the more serious vaper may be looking for new pieces of equipment. It may be that you are getting more deeply involved and wanting to experiment with more powerful, lower-resistance devices, meaning your existing set-up is just not up to the task. Perhaps you are replacing a trusty old device that is becoming a little worn or out-of-date. Or maybe you just like to have a choice of different devices with different specifications and are simply expanding your selection.

cool fire iv 18650

Whatever your reasons for buying, the easiest way to get hold of some serious vaping equipment is by buying a complete kit. Kits are certainly not just for beginners, and The Vaping Wizard can supply a selection of advanced kits. Our range includes kits that offer such advanced features as high-amp ratings from high-capacity batteries, sub-ohm resistance levels, and the ability to customise your vaping experience. Buying a kit is the easy way to obtain serious kit that is perfect for your needs as an advanced vaper, with all the single-purchase simplicity you enjoyed when buying your first starter kit.

Advanced vapers demand quality, and quality is something that The Vaping Wizard always takes seriously. We stock only well-made kits from manufacturers with strong, established reputations such as Innokin so you can be sure your new set-up is up to the demands of serious-level vaping.

To find an advanced kit that is up to the challenge of meeting your needs, just have a look through what we have to offer.