Vaping can be anything from a useful tool to help smokers quite to a hobby in its own right. But a lot of people aren’t sure where to begin when they first start out with vaping. Here are a few essential things to know:

What is Vaping?

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Vaping is smoking using specialist devices such as electronic cigarettes or Advanced Personal Vaporisers (APVs). These devices convert e-cig liquid or “juice” into vapour, which can be inhaled and exhaled like cigarette smoke.

Vaping started as a way for smokers to quit. Vaping can feel just like smoking, and e-liquid  that contains nicotine will also deal with cravings so it’s an easy switch. What e-liquid does not contain is the collection of other chemicals that makes smoking so harmful. Many doctors and scientists claim that vaping instead of smoking is almost or actually as good as quitting.

About Vape Liquids

The two main differences between the various types of e-juice in the UK at present are nicotine content and flavour. E-liquids come with different strengths of nicotine, including nicotine-free liquids which have no addictive properties and are recommended for any non-smokers who want to try vaping. If you are a smoker, on the other hand, then the nicotine is necessary as this is what will get rid of your cravings. A common quitting tactic is to find the lowest nicotine concentration that will satisfy your cravings then, after a while, move onto a weaker liquid. Once you have gotten used to it, move onto an even weaker one until you have weaned yourself off of nicotine altogether.

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Flavour is more a matter of preference. There are vape juices on the UK market with a huge range of flavours such as fruits, sweets, and menthol. There are also a variety of tobacco flavours to make your vapour taste like real cigarette smoke. Flavour also plays a role in quality. Cheap and poorly-made e-liquids may use oily flavours which are not really suitable and are bad for vaping devices. The best e-liquids in the UK right now, on the other hand, use higher-quality flavourings that won’t damage your device, and also tend to taste better.

About Vaping Devices

Originally, vaping was mainly used as a tool for quitting smoking so most devices were designed to look like real cigarettes to make the experience as close to real smoking as possible. These are known simply as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, and may be reusable or disposable.

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These cigarette-styled vaping devices are still widely available, but due to its relaxing nature, lack of damage to health, and variety of interesting flavours vaping has caught on as a hobby in its own right. As a result, more and more devices have hit the market that make no effort to resemble cigarettes. These are known by a variety of names including e-pens, e-shisha and Advanced Personal Vaporisers (APVs). They are usually reusable, and generally come supplied with a rechargeable battery.

Vaping devices come in a variety of styles and prices to suit different tastes and budgets, though generally the more you pay the better-quality the device is likely to be. The main specification you need to understand is the ohm rating. This is a measure of electronic resistance, so the lower the rating the more powerful the device, and the harsher the “throat hit” you will get when you inhale.