Whether you are new to vaping and looking to buy into your first setup, or an experienced vapour looking for a new and possibly better piece of kit, buying a complete kit is the easiest way yet possibly the best. The Vaping Wizard supplies kits for every kind of vaping and every kind of vaper, so you are sure to find a kit that will simply, effectively meet all of your needs.

If you are new to the world of vaping, then the world of choice you are faced with for atomisers and clearomisers, batteries, and mouthpieces – not to mention working out what is compatible with what – can be confusing to say the least. Instead, you will probably be shopping for a complete device; a full set-up which will give you everything you need to start vaping in a single purchase. A e-pen or e-shisha kit from a quality manufacturer is a far simpler and often more cost-effective way to get started than trying to piece together a setup of your own.

But this doesn’t mean that vape kits are only for beginners. There are some serious set-ups available as kits, and many offer plenty of room for customisation just using what is included. While some serious vapers may prefer to put together their favourite parts to create a bespoke device, many others will find it far simpler to just buy a single, complete product that offers everything they want on its own.

The Vaping Wizard supplies kits for everyone, ranging from starter kits for those who are just starting to dabble to serious, sub-ohm advanced kits for major vapers. Have a look through our selection, and buy your perfect set-up in just a few clicks.