The Vaping Wizard only brings you quality-branded e-juice such as the great range from WizMix. Featuring an awesome 50/50 mix and eliquids with a variety of flavours and strengths.

A firm favourite of many vapers, WizMix e-liquids are known for being smooth, rich, and full of flavour. Made in the UK entirely from British ingredients, with vigorous manufacturing standards upheld throughout the production process, WizMix e-juices are truly exceptional in quality.

One of the things WizMix are best known for is offering a huge array of flavours. Naturally, firm favourites such as menthol and, of course, tobacco are included. For those who prefer a more varied and exotic selection of tastes from their e-juice collection, there are a variety of fruit flavours like sweet yet sharp orchard crunch, irresistible strawberry seduction, and zingy cherry bomb. Those who prefer sweeter tastes can inhale rich caramel kiss, or the classic sweet-shop favourite that is Black Jacks.

Each WizMix flavour is available in a complete range of nicotine strengths. Those who vape purely to enjoy the taste and the experience, or ex-smokers in the final stages of weaning themselves off of nicotine entirely, will find that every flavour is available nicotine-free. Those who want to put a stop to the strongest of cravings for a cigarette can do so with a strong 18mg e-juice, while 6mg and 12mg strengths are also available for vapers who find themselves somewhere in between.

WizMix offer flavours to get every mouth watering. Why not take a look through what the Vaping Wizard can offer and see what tickles your fancy?